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Dear Yuletide gift writer

Dear awesome person who is writing a Yuletide story for me (for which I am absurdly grateful no matter what you do) here are some thoughts on my requested fandoms, all very spoilery for their canons & so cut separately.

Fandom: Hunger Games
Characters: Thresh, Cinna

This is an either Thresh-focused or Cinna-focused request; I don't want/expect you to somehow fit both of them in here and what I'd ask for them is very different. In this fandom, I'm OK with you going as dark as you need to, given the source canon and given both these characters dying horrible deaths. Please don't, like, go out of your way to squick me out, but dark themes are part of the territory here.

For Thresh, I am mostly interested in his experience in the arena. We learn some about him, but only on the periphery of what's happening for Katniss & co. Pre-arena instead or in addition is fine - his home life in District 11 with his family (who we met in Catching Fire) could be equally interesting. In the arena, you could focus on how he strategizes and survives as long as he does. What skills does he have that allow him to take dominion over the field of grain? Does he stay alone the whole time or does he make any early alliances? How does he preserve his humanity long enough to be capable of the mercy he shows Katniss? Or if you're in the mood for potentially even darker, what are those final couple days like, where Cato is determinedly hunting him? He clearly gives it a good fight, and is an equal match for Cato.

For Cinna, I'm interested in how he came to ally himself with the resistance, either first ideologically or later as an actual participant. How did he escape the Capitol mindset? Why did he specifically ask for District 12? Was it before or after he saw Katniss volunteering and realized what a weapon she could become? What is he thinking while he is adding the secret burning aspect to Katniss's wedding dress - which he knows will mark him for death? I think it's awesome that a profession we tend to dismiss as frivolous is shown in these books as having a major degree of power to shape the way media audiences view people and events, and thus what they come to believe is true.

Fandom: FlashForward
Characters: Demetri Noh, Al Gough, Keiko Arahida, Stanford Wedeck

FlashForward was, to me, a show that dramatically did not live up to its fine potential, despite some really stellar moments and performances and characters. You could write almost anything that doesn't include a Benford and make me happy.

One thing I'd be interested in is a m/m slashing of Demetri and Simon, picking up where the final episode leaves off. They've started vaguely trusting each other, they both have tons of stuff to angst about, and we didn't see their futures the second time around either. I'm OK with any rating if you go this route, but I'm more interested in the characters' emotional connection than the explicit details. If you aren't up to slashing them, male-bonding and learning to respect each other is equally awesome without a romantic subtext.

Another Demetri option would be something exploring his friendship with Janis as her baby's bio-dad. This would probably mean handwaving the bit at the end where Lita kidnaps Janis from the hospital during the second flashforward. My only really solid request for this option is keeping Janis gay. Whether Demetri reconciles with Zoey is up to you, but it'd be nice to have her as an influence on Demetri whatever the current relationship between them.

I loved Al Gough, from his deep concern over the woman he's fated to accidentally kill, to the birds and the window, to his endearing attempt to invite Fiona Shaw to his last supper and the matter-of-fact way he decides to end his life to save another. If you choose this route, pretty much anything exploring his character works for me. (Bonus option: Al lives and gets slashed with Demetri. Angst over surviving optional.)

I think Keiko got really short shrift in canon and if the show had given her character more time, the writers might have realized how hackneyed her fairy-tale ending with Bryce was. I totally shipped them at first, but then I stopped when I started thinking of Bryce as a bit of a douche. I'd have much preferred a storyline where she figures out that what she really needed was to get out of the culture she was in, isn't deus-ex-machina'd into immigration detention and instead builds independence and possibly hooks up with her badass mechanic boss. If you want to stay canon-compliant, you could pick up when, say, she's re-arrested and sent back to Japan and starts a new life centered around herself rather than her mother's expectations or an ideal of a man, whether or not she ultimately stays in Japan or legally immigrates elsewhere.

If none of the above, or your own riffs on he above, appeals, there is always Stan Wedeck and how utterly awesome he is. Yes, I refer to him in my head as FBI Boss Dude Courtney B. Vance because the TWoP recapper did, but only because he is just that awesome. His backstory with the president, or future with the soon to be new president, or relationship with his kickass wife and possible newly-adopted son are all interesting to me.

Fandom: Easy A
Character: Brandon

This could be a tough one, because the canon isn't out on DVD yet to check, and most of what I've found online relates to characters I'm not as interested in a story about.

What I would really, really love is a story about Brandon and the boyfriend he runs away with. I had issues with the whole "it's just like Huck Finn, he ran away with a big black man" aspect of the movie, especially the weirdly paternalistic ending where Brandon & his guy are actually unironically watching Huck Finn. It seems preposterous that they'd identify with the Huck/Jim dynamic in any way. I can't find the boyfriend character's name (and I've looked). I don't care whether it's about how they get together, or their life after the film canon ends, but I would like for this minor character to be there too, and not to be a ridiculous cardboard stereotype. I would like for Brandon to have a happy ending, even if you put him through some angst while getting there.

I'm comfortable with any rating, but I put a higher premium on romance and emotional connection than on explicit sexuality.

Fandom: Dollhouse
Character: Boyd

The character assassination of Boyd in season 2 really sucked and in some ways ruined the show for me. I was upset to see a character who'd been among a select few black male main characters for a network show turned into another poorly-conceived villain. Even if he weren't black, though, the flip from sincere though damaged over-protective father figure to heartlessly evil all along for truly insane reasons just didn't fly. They handwaved it in canon by making it about saving the people he saw as family above all others, but Boyd is smart enough to know that the people he loves would rather die than live in that world or help to create it.

If you write for me in this fandom, what I most want is some kind of fix-it, or retcon, that presumes the Boyd we got to know in season 1 as real and either reconciles that with the events of season 2 or takes S2 in a different direction. You could go AU, or you could retcon the hell out of canon in explaining how a not-originally-evil Boyd could have gotten to the point we see him in S2. Make him a triple agent, make him have been driven insane, whatever. I see Boyd as having been brought into the Dollhouse in a way similar to Ballard, and simply don't believe the S2 bit where he is an original Rossum founder. It just does not work for me. Or if he were an original founder, I'd want him working from the inside to truly bring it down after an epiphany over what he'd created (a la Topher).

If you absolutely can't see working with that, and this is the fandom you matched with me, feel free to write something totally different, even if it means just showing Boyd before he goes overtly evil.

Some general stuff:

I'm participating in the Chromatic Yuletide challenge, so I have a definite preference for culturally sensitive portrayals of fully fleshed-out characters of color when they appear, and for them to appear when possible. I'm a big feminist, anti-oppression, activist type person in my RL.

I do have a few big squicks: Non-con that is not presented by the author as being wrong; dismemberment, eye-gouging, and other physically destructive maiming (violence, beating, shots & stabbing, beheading, general death is OK in context but please leave any bodies whole while the person in them is alive; that goes double if it's deliberate torture & includes overt sadistic threats of dismemberment); levels of cruelty or sadism that are not part of a character's canonical presentation.

I'm sorry that you don't have a lot to work with on this journal itself, since it's relatively new and I haven't linked it to my RL-friendly journal. If you need some inspiration or idea-bouncing or a check about something beyond what you can find here, ask [personal profile] bookshop, who's known me forever in fandom. I also know that no matter what you pick, and what unique spin you put on it that I haven't thought of, I'm going to deeply appreciate your writing for me! I know I threw out a possibly overwhelming ton of ideas & preferences in this post, but truly, I am grateful for whatever you write.