Nov. 14th, 2010

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Dear awesome person who is writing a Yuletide story for me (for which I am absurdly grateful no matter what you do) here are some thoughts on my requested fandoms, all very spoilery for their canons & so cut separately.

Hunger Games )

FlashForward )

Easy A )

Dollhouse )

Some general stuff:

I'm participating in the Chromatic Yuletide challenge, so I have a definite preference for culturally sensitive portrayals of fully fleshed-out characters of color when they appear, and for them to appear when possible. I'm a big feminist, anti-oppression, activist type person in my RL.

I do have a few big squicks )

I'm sorry that you don't have a lot to work with on this journal itself, since it's relatively new and I haven't linked it to my RL-friendly journal. If you need some inspiration or idea-bouncing or a check about something beyond what you can find here, ask [personal profile] bookshop, who's known me forever in fandom. I also know that no matter what you pick, and what unique spin you put on it that I haven't thought of, I'm going to deeply appreciate your writing for me! I know I threw out a possibly overwhelming ton of ideas & preferences in this post, but truly, I am grateful for whatever you write.


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