Canon fear

Oct. 23rd, 2010 03:03 am
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I've had Cryoburn for two days, sitting there, wanting to be read, and my main excuse is I've been super busy with RL crap, but also, I'm realizing I simply don't quite want to read the *last of the current canon* in the Vorkosi-verse. Of course I want to read it, it's just, when I read Diplomatic Immunity - not that long ago; I didn't really dive into the series til this year, after having dabbled a while back - I already knew there was another book on the way. Now, it's almost like getting ready to read Harry Potter 7, except without the certainty about whether or not there'll be another book. And there's a little bit about wanting everything to be perfect, not to have too much RL distraction to pull me away from the book until I've devoured it.

ETA: There's another book in the works, [personal profile] philomytha tells me, so YAY! and now I can get over that weird little block to Cryoburn.

Meanwhile, I've been plotting out this longish Ivan/Byerly I really want to write and am desperately afraid that Lois has written Ivan a love story in Cryoburn and I'll like that person so much I'll have a hard time getting back into the mode of the fic. But OTOH, of course I want Ivan to find love in canon! (How fabulous, though I'm sure I'd have seen squee erupting, if that person *were Byerly*! I really want a canon queer relationship that's both healthy & onscreen, Lois! Pleeeeease?)

I *know* I'm being ridiculous. But I felt the need to unburden anyway.
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