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2011-02-16 03:31 am


I am still too focused on time-sensitive RL stuff to be doing much writing. Or rather, when I do I then feel horribly guilty because there is a shit ton of RL stuff I need to be writing instead. But anyway. In much much more detail than the meme asks for, but heck.

Currently actually part-written, and/or part plotted, are:

The Ivan/Byerly on Cetaganda thing )

The totally different original draft of the Terrence/Ethan )

The Arthur/Merlin thing that kind of scares me )

The Wincest one with the elves )

The Wincest one with the lesbian rabbi hunter )

Plus on my to-write wishlist:

Laurence/Tharkay, or Temeraire/Izkierka )

Slashy Vorkosiverse with Gregor, pairing needed )

Hawaii 5-0 slash with Chin )

Glee with Puck/Lauren, or Karofsky, or Shue/Bryan Ryan, or *somebody* and Mercedes )

And I may need to write some of the things I requested for Yuletide that didn't get chosen, or some Castle OT4, or who the hell knows what's going to suddenly eat my writing brain when I least expect it. Wincest, I am so looking at you there. If I put as much time into writing just one of these fics as I just put into telling you about them....