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I now know that the author of the fabulous Yuletide gift I received is [archiveofourown.org profile] tornyourdress! I'm definitely going to work through the rest of her fic collection now.

And the fic I wrote is
Love is Strange, or: How George Michael Learned to Stop Worrying and Love His Cousin, Arrested Development, George Michael/Maeby Bluth, for [livejournal.com profile] togapika. George Michael hasn't seen his cousin Maeby since he and his father fled to Mexico, but he can't stop thinking about kissing her. Maeby loves her Hollywood life but she can't find a guy to connect with. Can these two not-exactly-relatives still hope for a different kind of relationship?

I really enjoyed Yuletide - my first anonymous exchange ever, and definitely not my last.
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OMG, how perfect is my Yuletide gift?! I feel so incredibly lucky, because I couldn't have told someone to write something this perfect if I'd tried.

Better than Normal
Easy A (2010, movie)
"So how did Brandon meet that 'big black guy' he ran off with?"

It'll be a bit before I'm able to read any more Yuletide fic cos it's family time now, but I've already had an excellent gift and I haven't even looked at the tree yet.
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Dear awesome person who is writing a Yuletide story for me (for which I am absurdly grateful no matter what you do) here are some thoughts on my requested fandoms, all very spoilery for their canons & so cut separately.

Hunger Games )

FlashForward )

Easy A )

Dollhouse )

Some general stuff:

I'm participating in the Chromatic Yuletide challenge, so I have a definite preference for culturally sensitive portrayals of fully fleshed-out characters of color when they appear, and for them to appear when possible. I'm a big feminist, anti-oppression, activist type person in my RL.

I do have a few big squicks )

I'm sorry that you don't have a lot to work with on this journal itself, since it's relatively new and I haven't linked it to my RL-friendly journal. If you need some inspiration or idea-bouncing or a check about something beyond what you can find here, ask [personal profile] bookshop, who's known me forever in fandom. I also know that no matter what you pick, and what unique spin you put on it that I haven't thought of, I'm going to deeply appreciate your writing for me! I know I threw out a possibly overwhelming ton of ideas & preferences in this post, but truly, I am grateful for whatever you write.


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