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A new fannish alter-ego for a long-time fan just getting back into writing & active fan community participation again.

Current obsessions:

Anything in Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan-verse. I adore all the canonical pairings, and this is one of the few fandoms where I adore reading loads of gen fic and canon-pairing fic. There's just so much to explore and no way LMB will ever write it all. Fave fanfic ships: Miles/Gregor, Ivan/Byerly, Terrence/Ethan. I expect anything I write in the near future will be in this 'verse.

Stargate: Atlantis, with a heavy preference for McShep, and for good characterizations of the entire team.

Harry Potter was my first fandom, and will always be the comfort food of my soul. Especially the Harry/Draco parts of my soul. :D

I've dabbled as a reader in other fandoms: Smallville, American Idol, Due South. And I'm a fan of many things I'm not in the fic-fandoms of.
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