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Date: 2011-02-16 12:21 pm (UTC)
edithmorningstar: Barrayaran ImpSec Eye of Horus with text "WWSID?" (WWSID?)
OK, I totally missed the existence of Gregor/Mark fics! Where?! I'm sure there are some others I've missed, and I know there are a handful on the AO3 that I've "saved for later" so as not to have read *everything*, but yeah. I want all fic with Gregor in it, no matter who else he's with.

The Gregor/By thought comes mainly from the way Gregor seems to treat By with some of the same principle he uses with Miles. Firm about when he really fucks up, but gently and lovingly tolerant of eccentricities and being above the laws of normal.

I hadn't thought of Dono at all - maybe because I've pegged him as "too old" which is silly when Donna was only a bit old for Ivan, really, and heck, it's not like Olivia's as old as either of them. It could be interesting to play with that because that would probably be the only time in Gregor's adult life that he's met an adult male high Vor for the first time - and had the chance to form a first impression based on seeing a man while being a man, not seeing them as Men from a Little Boy perspective or growing up with them as fellow Little Boys. I could see there being a certain frisson to that, as well as the awesomeness of Dono's balls in genderfucking with Barrayar's expectations.

I've also really liked the idea of Gregor quietly fancying someone wildly "inappropriate" for him. Like an Armsman, or a low-ranked ImpSec prole, or part of the Residence's household serving staff, etc., where he would be afraid to speak and have it be assumed he was Requesting and Requiring, and have no idea how to go about finding out if the guy was open to being involved with a man. Or better yet, knowing he *could* have ImpSec find out for him, and tormenting himself over knowing he'd never do that, but wishing he would, just so he'd *know*. Trying to arrange situations where they'd be thrown together and could possibly talk at all, without it being looked at askance for their being alone together or speaking together in public, but at the same time not wanting to abuse his power to create those situations. Resorting to discussing random news items out of Beta Colony with any reference to queerness in his hearing to see what kind of reaction they get. Asking Byerly to observe and use his magic gaydar. *Confiding* in Byerly because somehow he became the obvious choice even though it's not like Miles would have a problem with it, but Gregor might just be happier with Miles not knowing until there's something to tell. Etc.
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