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Yuletide fic - finally - written, edited, and posted to Ao3. Whew, because this is my first year and I was terrified of simply not being able to write to command on deadline, and my assignment turned out to be a little trickier for me than I'd been thinking when I offered for it. But it's done, and I'm fairly sure it doesn't suck, so hurrah. Now maybe I'll even try writing a treat or a madness fic or something, once I have time and now that the pressure's off. I like the idea of writing some more rare-fandom fic one-offs.

Non-fannish life has been a bit full lately, which is why I haven't shown up much recently. I imagine there's a lot of catching up for me to do, so if I'm suddenly leaving you 10 comments in a row, you'll know why.

I had a week where Supernatural fic ate my brain, which is entirely the fault of [personal profile] rivkat's journal banner, otherwise known as the thing that finally made me realize Jensen Ackles actually is kinda hot. Still having trouble on the Jared Padalecki, but I can see how he could appeal to other people. I think I'm mostly done with that random fic gorge, and I still don't have any plans to actually watch the show. But yeah, Jensen Ackles is hot, at least when candle-lit and sprawling.

My copy of Cryoburn is slowly making its way through my local friends, so there's been a lot of offline discussion especially of the (spoiler). And on a local friend's rec, plus the appearance of a short story in the anthology that's got "Winterfair Gifts," I picked up Catherine Asaro's Primary Inversion to read while I'm traveling this week. I should really make a post where I tally up all the sf/f books people have recced me, or I've recced or given to other people, this past year.

Really, though, life has mainly been the obligations I can't put off from livelihood and volunteer commitment related pursuits, and I've missed hanging out here, and I owe tons of comments including on fic I read but was too tired to feedback over the past couple weeks, so I'm looking forward to feeling officially on vacation in a few days.

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Good golly, you wrote that one fast!


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