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Date: 2011-02-16 01:27 pm (UTC)
edithmorningstar: Edith Piaf at the microphone, arms flung wide. Colorized. (Default)
Ooh, yes, I totally need to reread The Vor Game and see if there are any interesting people or plots to jump off from. And you should write a Greg Bleakman fic! In fact I think I could love a whole ton of fic set in that interlude of Gregor's life.

Point, re Dono. Also, major plus that Gregor would know without a doubt that Dono has no inherent issue with Betan-style sexual mores. Even if Dono didn't like guys anymore after the switch, he wouldn't be the type to say "take a hike" with his fists, or to tell everyone in Vorbarr Sultana all about it.

OMG. I want a fic where Gregor as Greg Bleakman gets a Betan earring. Or where it goes AU from Vor Game and Greg gets more time to play before having to go back to being Gregor-the-Emperor. Instead of being captures by Cavilo he gets rescued by an uninvolved-in-the-conflict ship and gets out of the danger zone of the Hegen Hub entirely. Maybe he spends a few weeks or longer as part of the ship's crew before they reach a planet where there's enough Barrayaran presence for it to be safe for Gregor to reveal himself - he'd need to know there was decent security, ie a consulate like the one in Cryoburn wouldn't cut it. Ideally he'd still have some plotty way to shine as Emperor to make him feel good about the choice to go back, but just on a longer timeline than the one in TVG. Hmmm.
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