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I am still too focused on time-sensitive RL stuff to be doing much writing. Or rather, when I do I then feel horribly guilty because there is a shit ton of RL stuff I need to be writing instead. But anyway. In much much more detail than the meme asks for, but heck.

Currently actually part-written, and/or part plotted, are:

The Ivan/Byerly on Cetaganda thing, which is now feeling weird because of the LMB revelation about the two of them interacting on a planet that is not Cetagandan in the next book, but I'm still planning to do it anyway. It might not be on Eta Ceta though; I think I want to explore what some of the *other* Ceta planets are like. Particularly because we know the Cetagandans are colonizers, so there's a real potential for interesting diversity within their populations - stuff we don't see in canon when the only people Miles interacts with are haut and ghem. I know I want to write a Vorkosiverse fic in which there is a planet colonized by, say, people from Ghana, or any other place that is African or full of people with skin darker than a light brown, unlike all the nexus planets we've yet seen. Or a planet of Roma. Or Indian Untouchables who got out of the caste system en masse in some revolution early on in colonial days. I don't know if this is the right fic for that or not.

The original draft of the Terrence/Ethan I wrote a while back. I wrote this one, then looked at all its problems, and wrote a totally different story instead. This one kind of feels like the draft that oughtn't go live, so it likely won't, but I do still have thoughts kicking around for more of these guys that may cannibalize this one. Problem is now that I've done a get-them-actually-together fic, I'm sort of over that, and writing more of their lives requires a lot more worldbuilding cos Athos is not actually as fleshed out as you'd think.

The Arthur/Merlin thing that kind of scares me because it's darker than I normally write, and Uther is much harsher than I think he is even in canon, but I'm caught up in it without having at all intended to write anything in Merlin at all. Some day I will show what I've got to a beta and they will tell me not to keep writing this mess. I think it may come off more melodramatic than dark.

The Wincest one with the elves, which again, I really had no intention of writing Wincest, heck I hadn't planned to read it, but again I sort of fell in and the plot formed and now it's sitting half-written on my hard drive. This fic is mainly an excuse for me to have Dean really not be that into guys, or into Sam, but totally happy to go along with things anyway because it's not like he's ever going to have a better offer. Or something like that. This might be like the Terrence/Ethan one above, where it ends up just being a get things going draft rather than a real thing.

The Wincest one with the lesbian rabbi hunter. Because I really, really, really need to fuck with the Supernatural cosmology. A lot. Because it bugs me, and not just because it's all Christian. So this fic involves the guys meeting a rabbi who's also become a hunter, and her network of kabbalah-inclined hunters working things from the Jewish angle. It involves a really badass Hassidic hunter. And, once I think of it, something *else* to say that also proves you're not a demon besides fricking Christo. This one's still mostly at the worldbuilding stage, because I need to work out how I'm managing Heaven and Hell and all that stuff through a Jewish lens that can coexist with the canonical cosmology but also square with a very non-Christian perspective. As in, at least in my corner of Judaism, we don't really believe in Hell at all. Which makes things interesting. And I'd like this fic not to just go with Jewish cosmology, but to allow for many different religions' cosmologies to intersect with canon, and it's just that the show gives us the (Protestant) Christian option. I'm having a lot of fun with this even though it's not even partially written yet.

Plus on my to-write wishlist:

I'd love to write some Laurence/Tharkay, from Temeraire, but probably [personal profile] ellen_fremedon will beat me to it (not that that'd stop me, it's just very long-range since I have no plot ideas whatsoever). They're the only Temeraire ship I have any emotional investment in, because they've always felt so obvious to me, but apparently *nobody* writes them. Actually, that's a lie. I ship Temeraire/Izkierka too, and have a few ideas for getting them together in a fic. I really want to see it become a thing that people write these dragons in the same kind of emotional situations as the humans, because it's pretty clear they are just as much "people." Maybe people are already doing it and I just don't know where to look. Dragons are super fun to ship because they're powerful and generally adult, but they act like teenagers lots of the time, and have totally different social logic.

I really want to write more Vorkosiverse that includes Gregor, and includes him slashily, in an AU/Laisa doesn't exist kind of way, but apparently while I love reading Miles/Gregor I can't (at least now) believe in it enough to write it. I love Ekaterin too much. But it's hard to picture many people besides Miles that Gregor might fall for. It might need to start as unrequited Gregor/Miles and shift to Gregor with someone else. Maybe personality-ifying an existing minor character. Heck, maybe Ivan or Byerly! Mainly, I need to read more Gregor, and so I want to write more Gregor.

And while I'd need to read a lot more or, yaknow, watch canon, I want Hawaii 5-0 slashy fic that has Chin. Because Chin is the hottest of the lead four, and Kono is up there pretty damn high, and it sucks that apparently they're cousins and an OT4 with the ship everyone else is doing won't work. But honestly, really, these smoking hot people cannot be left out of the sexy fun, here.

(Embarrassing Confession: before I actually looked anything up on IMDB, I totally had pictured Steve as being the one played by Daniel Dae-Kim, until I realized that the hot Asian guy was less likely to be named Steve when there was also a character called Chin.)

I am deeply in <3 with the Puck/Lauren pairing on Glee. It's promoting fat-positivity, in a mainstream show! And I love that it's pretty clearly got a certain dom/sub dynamic. I'd love to write them as having no idea that what they're doing is something Other People Also Do and figuring out how to be a little bit kinky on their own, and bonding (heh!) over it. I'd love Lauren to have thought about it more than Puck, to kind of balance his tons-of-vanilla-experience.

And Karofsky. Kurt is never gonna love you, you idiot, because oh boy did you blow it there by getting all abusive. But I'd like to see you grow into someone who could deserve a relationship, and go after it, with someone you haven't treated like shit beforehand. Maybe someone from another school, like an OMC from Vocal Adrenaline.

Finally, until Puck/Lauren came along, my Glee OTP was Shue and Bryan Ryan, aka the kinda douchey character played by Neil Patrick Harris, with whom there was Much Chemistry. They're both kinda douchey, kinda skeevy, and chasing after lost youth and dreams of being bigger than they actually are. And poor Shue, who never did any experimenting when he was younger, because he was with Terri basically since puberty, and is so disconnected from his own sexuality, or self even, that he probably doesn't even consciously know he's into Bryan. Or guys at all.

There's lots more I could do with this show. Mercedes - hello, show, this chick is hot, and might just plausibly be getting some kind of action, like every single other Gleek? Coach Bieste - how awesome are you? How much do I want you to have a secret awesome home life we don't know about, maybe some kind of Tilda Swinton poly thing you've got to keep under wraps in small town Lima. Because you are that awesome.

And I may need to write some of the things I requested for Yuletide that didn't get chosen, or some Castle OT4, or who the hell knows what's going to suddenly eat my writing brain when I least expect it. Wincest, I am so looking at you there. If I put as much time into writing just one of these fics as I just put into telling you about them....

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Gregor/Mark: be warned, this is fic in which Gregor deals with his inner Prince Serg issues and Mark lets Grunt and Howl out to play, and is explicit. Losing Sleep and a sequel Second Time of Asking.

Oh, By as matchmaker and go-between - yes, that's an idea that makes a lot of sense! I can see Gregor confiding in By.

Now you're making me wonder what else Gregor might have got up to whilst he was off being Greg Bleakman around the galaxy, in between screwing in lightbulbs... that would have been his one chance to see if people wanted to have a relationship with Greg-the-man, not The Emperor.

An advantage of Dono is that Gregor, I think, could be fairly confident that Dono would tell him to take a hike if he wasn't interested.


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